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Ride Hailing Apps in the Philippines | Angkas


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With the near-constant traffic that plagues cities all over the Philippines, everyone needs a quick and convenient way to get where they need to be. Enter ride hailing apps in the Philippines, like Angkas!

Read on to learn why our services are a trustworthy solution to traveling within the city, and a great way to avoid the significant traffic problem in the Philippines.

Why Use Ride Hailing Apps in the Philippines

Traffic affects millions of people in Metro Manila alone and impedes everyone from workers trying to clock in on time at their offices to students traveling to their classes. The effects of traffic that everyone in the country experiences is undeniable.

The Persistent Traffic Congestion in the Philippines

Anyone who’s had to travel in the city knows how draining being caught in traffic is. With thousands upon thousands of cars and public utility vehicles that hit the streets as early as 6 am, traffic is inevitable. It consumes hours of every commuter’s life, whether they want it or not.

With commuters at a standstill on the road for 20 minutes per 30-minute trip at peak traffic hours, people lose as much as 200 hours per year — that’s equivalent to more than eight days of lost time!

As a result, commuters are looking for alternative modes of transportation, such as ride hailing apps in the Philippines, to beat the traffic, and get to their destinations safely and on time.

The Rise of Alternative Modes of Transportation

Ride hailing apps in the Philippines have been a massive help to commuters because they make it extremely convenient to get from point A to point B.

Unlike public transport options, such as taxis and jeeps, ride hailing apps in the Philippines on’t need you to hail them on the street. Instead, you use their app to request a ride, and a rider will meet you where you are. These apps also integrate real-time tracking, payment, and rating systems, which makes them very user-friendly!

Why Use Angkas?

Angkas is one of the most reliable ride hailing apps in the Philippines that you can use to get around the city. Our services, which rely on trained motorcyclists, use the habal-habal system. This allows us to provide speedy and convenient travel from your pickup point to your destinations since our riders can pass through traffic much quicker than your typical 4-wheeled vehicle!

Our ride hailing app is also more accessible than other public transportation options. Unlike trains, jeeps, and UVs which have far-flung stations with long waiting lines, you can simply book our services and be on your way in a matter of minutes. With over 27,000 accredited drivers on our roster, we’re sure to search for an available rider near you — no matter where you are!

Our ride hailing app in the Philippines also ensures that our services are priced fairly — even during rush hour. Our system uses an algorithm to calculate the distance between where you were picked up and your destination. This means fares are calculated and fixed fairly. And, these fares are displayed to you before confirmation of booking, so they are completely transparent.

Our Protocols for Passenger and Rider Safety

Aside from creating one of the most reliable ride hailing apps in the Philippines that is fair, safe, and convenient to use, we also take precautions for ensuring both passengers and riders are safe from illnesses such as COVID-19.

Since the pandemic, we have taken great strides in improving our safety protocols to prevent the spread of the virus. We have adopted the COVID-19 Backriding Advisory with the use of our special Passenger Shields. These are designed to prevent viral transmission even on a motorcycle — where social distancing is impossible.

Our riders are also regularly PCR tested before they’re allowed to take on passengers. They are also required to submit daily temperature and sanitation checks before they are allowed to work for the day.

Angkas’ ride hailing app in the Philippines is now going “Angkashless!” We now only accept cashless transactions to minimize transmission hazards. In line with this, we also adopted a BYO Helmet policy — we no longer provide our passengers with helmets.

We do ask users of our ride hailing apps in the Philippines to bring a helmet that complies with our guidelines to ensure their safety during their ride. Their helmets are required to have a full-face visor and lock. Passengers without a proper helmet of their own will unfortunately not be allowed to board the vehicle.

Download Angkas — One of The Best Ride Hailing Apps In The Philippines — Today!

Get fast trips, any time, anywhere, at your convenience with Angkas — the top ride hailing apps in the Philippines! With our app, you can request a ride whenever you want to beat traffic and be on your way within minutes. Wherever you’re going, we’ll get you there safe, and on time!