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Earn more and be a HERO

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Our Bikers are highly trained and always courteous. They are capable of  providing excellent services to our  customers. Whether its Passenger, Padala and Pabili services, Our Bikers will attend to your needs with proper care and with safety and security.

Why drive with Angkas?

Reach millions of customers and provide them with on-demand services while earning on your own time.

Be your own boss

Drive and earn whenever you want on your own time.

Biker Incentives

We offer rewards to our bikers that meets the criteria

Biker Community

Our community serves as channels to all our biker’s concerns

Angkas rider

Drive with Us

Drive with Angkas and reach millions of passengers everyday while earning income with your own time. Angkas also offers driver incentives to motivate and to show we value our bikers.


Deliver with Us

Be your own boss, deliver anywhere and earn income as you help deliver food and items on-demand. Angkas also offers driver incentives to motivate and to show we value our bikers.



For more questions, please visit our Help Centre.

How to cash out my earnings?

You can go to your wallet and then click “Cash out”. Enter the desired amount then proceed and click “Confirm Cash out.”

Does Angkas take any commision?

Yes, Angkas takes a maximum of 20% commision in every completed bookings.

Can I drive with other platforms?

Yes. Angkas driver-partners are free to use any platform without being penalised. You will still get all the incentives that Angkas promised you.

Does Angkas offer incentives?

Yes, we offer incentives depending on the promo we offer to our bikers. You can learn about the incentive program via announcements in our Biker’s channel.

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