5 Benefits Of Delivery Service For Your Business

5 Benefits Of Delivery Service For Your Business | Angkas

benefits of delivery service for your business

What are the benefits of delivery service for your business?

  • Expands your customer base
  • More convenient and safer
  • Multiple payment options
  • Real-time tracking
  • Reduces your business costs

Delivery services became extremely popular — even when businesses are allowed to operate after the surge of the pandemic. It became popular as it offers cost-effective solutions for businesses to distribute products to their customers. That’s why there’s no denying that delivery services have helped the growth of e-commerce today.

There are many delivery service options to choose from online, but it can take time to determine which one is better than the others. In this blog, we’ll discuss the benefits of delivery service for your business. At Angkas, we offer delivery service for all Filipinos across the country. Read more below.

Expands Your Customer Base

One of the biggest benefits of opting for delivery service is it also helps your products to be advertised and discoverable, especially to your new customers within your area.

If you go back to the previous models of delivery services, it’s still fairly limited. Let’s say you have a food business in a city with a delicious menu at an affordable price, but it’s almost 20km away from your customers’ houses. They can’t order from you if you don’t have long-distance delivery options.

Meanwhile, a delivery service offers you the choice of expanding your customer base by making your business more visible. That’s why many businesses today offer delivery service options. It’s their chance to advertise and sell their products to their target customers. Thus, a delivery service is a sign that you care for your customers no matter where they are.

More Convenient And Safer

You’ll see how beneficial delivery service is for your business when your customers don’t have to physically visit your shop just to pick up the items they’ve ordered online. Opting for delivery service is much more convenient and safer for your customers since they can simply order anytime online than have their orders delivered right to their doorsteps.

At Angkas, our bikers can pick up and deliver any items your customers need from your store and send them out right to your customer’s doorsteps. From food, documents, and clothes, Angkas Delivery can take care of them. Our delivery service is available in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu!

Additionally, you don’t have to welcome a large number of customers every day in-store because plenty of people prefer the order-and-delivery option rather than going outside and spending money to commute or drive to your shop.

With delivery services like Angkas Delivery, your customers only have to use their mobile device, stable internet, and hit the order button to have their items delivered without hassle.

Multiple Payment Options

In the past, customers would have to pay for their orders after the delivery rider delivered them. Today, customers have the option to pay using their bank cards, e-cash applications, and other cashless payment services in the Philippines. This helps every customer to choose the most convenient and hassle-free payment option to them. Additionally, payment options online are proven to be fast and secure.

Real-Time Tracking

Delivery service offers assurance to your customers by getting alerted as to when they should expect their orders and keeping them updated on any delays or hold-ups. Thanks to advanced technology, delivery service helps both a business and its customers to stay connected through real-time tracking of orders online.

Moreover, real-time tracking updates for customers also provide excellent customer service and keep them satisfied with your services.

Reduces Your Business Costs

Some businesses are hesitant about the upfront fees of delivery services, but the truth is, it can save you expenses in the long run.

Have you seen small-sized businesses with stores online? Thanks to delivery services, business owners who have limited space in-store, don’t have to worry about accommodating more customers. As you may already know, equipment in brick and mortar stores, such as tables and chairs, can increase expenses.

Getting delivery service from Angkas Delivery also means you don’t have to spend more money on gas, vehicles, drivers, and transportation.

Angkas Delivery Rates

Our base fare starts from PHP 50 for the first 2km and PHP 10 for every succeeding km thereafter, though our delivery rates may increase during peak hours. But don’t worry because all rates are calculated before and fixed upon confirmation of orders.

Here’s the list of our delivery coverage areas in Metro Manila:

  • Pasay
  • Pasig
  • Makati
  • Manila
  • San Juan
  • Taguig
  • Katipunan
  • Mandaluyong
  • SM North
  • QC Circle
  • South Triangle
  • New Manila
  • Balintawak
  • Monumento
  • Eastwood

We also have the Rent a Biker option, which allows you to rent a biker for a day. With regards to this, you can hire a biker per hour, for a minimum of five hours. They will be responsible for picking up the orders to be delivered within our coverage areas in Metro Manila. You can click here if you’re interested!

Key Takeaway

In this blog, we’ve provided you with the benefits of delivery service for your business. Here at Angkas, we are always glad of helping Filipino business owners to extend their great customer service by partnering with us. Are you interested to know more about our delivery service? Contact Angkas today. We’re ready to deliver in Manila, Cebu, and to the moon and back! Charaught!