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Company package deliveries

We move your business forward, Angkas Business Delivery Service is a solution to manage your everyday on-demand deliveries. We handle all types of deliveries ranging from food, medicines, beverages to corporate documents.

ngkas rider

Benefits of using Angkas Business Delivery

Easily manage single or multiple concurrent deliveries with insurance and in very competitive price.

Increase in sales

Your business will grow without the employment costs. You pay for the biker service per transaction without emptying your bank account. This will be a win-win situation for your business.

Trained bikers

Angkas will provide you our expert bikers that will match your business daily delivery needs. Our bikers are courteous and passed the road safety trainings so rest assure your products will definitely end to your customer’s doorstep.

Network growth

As your product reach millions of customers through our bikers, your potential business deals with other merchants will give you assurance to expand your network and revenue.

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