Giving back to the society

Angkas was established in 2016 to help alleviate traffic congestion in the Philippines. It provided cost-effective transportation options, created job opportunities, and stimulated economic growth. It prioritized safety and maintained a safety record of 99.7%, laying the groundwork for the government's Basic Motorcycle Program. It has over 30,000 partner riders and more than 7 million app downloads.

Social responsibilities

  • Angkas is a motorcycle safety and rights advocate who is leading efforts to regulate the industry. It offers 18 million riders and their families opportunities for development and poverty alleviation. It also serves as a role model for motorcycle riders, encouraging dignity and professionalism in their work. Angkas has also contributed to various social causes and aided during crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the Taal Volcano eruption.
Group of Angkas riders

Uplifting lives of our Bikers

90% of the 18 million motorcycle riders live in poverty. What Angkas has done is to provide a lucrative income option to thousands of riders. It has legitimized motorcycle taxis and made them accessible to the public. Angkas intends to expand to 20 major cities, creating jobs and providing efficient mobility, quality family time, and supplemental income.

Angkas riderAngkas rider

Our Commitments

Angkas has grown into a movement prioritizing commuters, bikers, transportation, and civic organizations. We are investing in causes that have a positive impact, such as traffic relief, job creation, and community development. Angkas will continue to support innovations that will benefit society and the lives of many people. We're demonstrating that the country is ready to transition to two wheels and benefit the economy, commuters, and riders through training, education, and advocacy.

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