Angkas rider holding the Philippine Flag


Our Story, Journey and advocacy

Our Bikers are highly trained and always courteous. They are capable of  providing excellent services to our  customers. Whether its Passenger, Padala and Pabili services, Our Bikers will attend to your needs with proper care and with safety and security.

Angkas rider

Angkas Vision

Angkas vision is to make the Filipino people’s lives easy and convenient in terms of public transport, Utility services and soon, food and beverages delivery service.

Angkas Mission

Angkas mission is to drive and improve economic mobility in the Philippines country-wide for every Filipinos to be able to make extra income by providing and creating jobs.

Angkas rider holding the Philippine Flag
Angkas rider holding a Mobile phone

Become a Biker

Experience the joy of the road while earning good money. Join Angkas, where we focus on safe, effective rides. Feel the thrill of each trip and make a real difference in people's lives. Be part of our team today!

Become a Biker
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