How To Avoid Traffic In Metro Manila

How To Avoid Traffic In Metro Manila | Angkas

how to avoid traffic in metro manila, ride hailing apps philippines

How can you avoid the traffic in Metro Manila?

  • Avoid the rush hour
  • Look for alternate routes
  • Move near your work
  • Book an Angkas ride
  • Do your shopping online

Whether you’re a local in Metro Manila, live in one of the nearby provinces, or planning to visit the city soon, you already probably know about the heavily congested traffic situation here. Many blame poor lack of driver discipline and the increasing number of vehicles on the road for this situation. But, just like other people, you also have places to go to. So, you have no choice but to find ways to get to your day-to-day destinations. Fortunately, there are several proven tips on how to avoid traffic in Metro Manila. Read on to learn more about these!

Avoid The Rush Hour

There’s a saying that the early bird catches the worm, which means that the person who arrives first is the one most likely to get what they want. If you want to get what you want — in this case, the chance to avoid heavy traffic on the road — you have to leave extra early.

Almost everyone in Metro Manila often wonders how to avoid rush hour traffic. You can avoid traffic jams if you travel when people who work are still sleeping. If you need to get to work, try to commute or drive before the morning rush hour in Metro Manila, which typically begins at 6 to 7 am. You can just shower earlier, grab a quick breakfast, or do your makeup in the office!

This also applies in the evening, when most people are on the road to return home from school or work. If you want to avoid the traffic, do your best to travel outside the evening rush hour in Metro Manila, which falls around 5 pm to 9 pm!

Look For Alternate Routes

If you didn’t already know, you need to be very madiskarte when you travel around Metro Manila. While it’s wise to avoid rush hour, there will be times when you can’t do that. For example, you may need to leave work at 5 pm to make it in time for pending household chores, or you may end up waking up when the rush hour is already starting. Don’t fret because there is a solution to this, which is to look for alternate routes!

To look for alternate routes, try downloading traffic and navigation apps on your mobile phone such as Waze or Google Maps. These applications are designed to consider real-time road traffic and suggest the quickest possible route to your destination. It really makes you wonder, how did we ever survive traffic without these apps in the past?

Aside from your normal route, try searching for other routes you can take to get to your destination. You’ll be surprised how many modes of communication you can take to reach your destination. It might be a jeepney ride, an LRT ride, or a pedicab ride — or different combinations of these!

Move Near Your Work

If you live far from your office or school, you have no choice but to brave the hellish traffic in Metro Manila every day. If getting to your destination daily is your main source of stress, it might be more convenient and even cost-efficient to consider moving near your workplace or school.

There are plenty of rental options in the Metro, but just prepare to shell out some money. If you want to save, you can find roommates to share the rent with. And if you currently live with your parents, just prepare to be homesick or miss your mom’s cooking every now and then. Don’t worry! Moving is not only one of the best ways to avoid traffic in Metro Manila, but it is also a step toward becoming more independent.

Book An Angkas Ride

You can avoid and survive the traffic in Metro Manila if you find a way to get around the cars. Unlike other four-wheeled vehicles, motorcycles can easily weave in between traffic, so you don’t have to remain stuck during rush hour.

Don’t know how to drive a motorcycle or have a parking space for one? You can rely on Angkas — the most reliable ​​ride hailing apps in the Philippines! At Angkas, all our professional bikers undergo stringent safety training, background checks, and skills assessments. Each motorcycle used is also quality-checked for your safety!

Riding with Angkas during the COVID-pandemic is also a smarter move than taking other public transportation options because you can take advantage of open-air ventilation. Our bikers are tested regularly and observe health protocols to keep you safe. At Angkas, one of our missions is to be the solution to traffic in Metro Manila.

Do Your Shopping Online

To avoid the Metro Manila traffic, try to limit the times you have to travel. Aside from work and school, find other ways to get what you need without getting out. One smart way to do this is to do your shopping online!

Chances are, you’re already doing this. Think of the times that you saved when you decided to shop online instead of driving your car out. Fortunately, Angkas also offers Pabili service in the Philippines. With our grocery shopping service, you can simply book an Angkas, ask our rider to pick up your necessities from a store and get them delivered right to your doorstep. Order everything from food, groceries, medicine, and even hardware needs without leaving the comfort of your home and having to brave the Metro Manila traffic!

Aside from that, we also offer end-to-end parcel deliveries through the Angkas Padala service. You can safely send packages, documents, clothes, and other items anywhere in Metro Manila without having to brave the traffic.

Key Takeaway

Let’s accept it, Metro Manila traffic can be hellish, especially during rush hour! If you’re tired of getting stuck in traffic for hours before getting to your destination, you have to be smart about traveling. Wondering how to travel in Manila without getting extra stressed? Follow these tips above, so you can get around the traffic.

There are many ways to avoid traffic in Metro Manila, you just have to be madiskarte! But if you don’t want to wake up early to avoid the rush hour, cut a portion of your income on rent, or search for alternate routes before leaving home, you can book an Angkas ride anytime. Our professional bikers will look for the best routes, so you can breeze through Metro Manila and reach your destination in the least amount of time possible! Never worry about getting late for work or school.