Guide To Parcel Delivery In Manila For Merchants

Guide To Parcel Delivery In Manila For Merchants | Angkas


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There’s no denying that plenty of Filipinos today are enjoying the convenience of purchasing items from different e-commerce platforms using their smartphones or laptops and a stable internet connection. Nowadays, any item can be delivered straight to their doorsteps within a few days.

The demand for parcel delivery in Manila is growing — and that’s where you come in as a merchant. At dahil bida-bida kami, syempre papasok na rin kami sa eksena!

Parcel Delivery In Manila Using Angkas

Joining the competition for parcel delivery in Manila, Angkas is here as the new partner of Filipino merchants. Angkas partners with different local merchants that need delivery to provide their customers with any needs they want to order such as food and beverages, clothing, medical needs, appliances and tech, and so much more. Marami kaming pasabog dito!

How Do Angkas Work For Merchants

If you’re a merchant who’s looking for a reliable delivery service, you can sign up to become one of our partner merchants!

Whether you’re a small store or a large corporation, Angkas can offer you the delivery services that you need. Be part of our pool of merchants and you won’t be charged any merchant fees! You can also get exclusive updates, perks, and services.

To successfully deliver your customers’ parcels in Manila, you can simply select Angkas Pabili. Set your merchant address as the pick-up pin, list the order items in the order form, prepare the parcels, and our riders will get and have them delivered to your customers’ doorsteps.

Items We Can Deliver

Many buyers online are looking for exciting and essential items to purchase and have them delivered right to their homes. Here at Angkas, we can help every merchant with parcel delivery in Manila for excellent customer service.

Here are the items we can deliver:


From your favorite canned goods that you’ve been selling to the boxes of milk and coffee that your customers need to quench their thirst and other non-perishable foods, Angkas can deliver them to your buyers!


If you have a business that sells groceries, you can partner with Angkas and have your customers’ order items delivered to their homes!

Other Essential Items

Whether you offer medicine, gifts, accessories, hardware, or other types of products, Angkas can be your most reliable parcel delivery provider in Manila!

Angkas Parcel Delivery Coverage Areas

Aside from other delivery services in the Philippines, Angkas is committed to expanding and is ready to help different businesses from different locations, especially those remote and hard-to-reach areas in the Philippines. Oh, gulat kayo noh? Relax, kami lang toh hehe.

As one of the most trusted delivery services for parcel delivery in Manila, Angkas has a wide coverage area in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu. Because of this, we can help you reach more customers without them needing to go to your physical store.

Angkas Parcel Delivery Rates

Here at Angkas, our base fare starts from PHP 50 for the first 2km and PHP 10 for every succeeding km thereafter, though our delivery rates may increase during peak hours. But don’t worry because all rates are calculated before and fixed upon confirmation of your parcel delivery in Manila.

  • Here’s the list of our delivery coverage areas in Metro Manila:
  • Pasay
  • Pasig
  • Makati
  • Manila
  • San Juan
  • Taguig
  • Katipunan
  • Mandaluyong
  • SM North
  • QC Circle
  • South Triangle
  • New Manila
  • Balintawak
  • Monumento
  • Eastwood

Because we know that there are peak seasons for some of our partner merchants, one of our features is the Rent a Biker option, which allows you to rent a biker for a day.

With regards to this, you can hire a biker per hour, for a minimum of five hours. They will be responsible for picking up the parcel to be delivered within our coverage areas in Metro Manila. You can click here if you’re interested!

Key Takeaway

In this blog, we’ve provided you with a guide to parcel delivery in Manila for merchants. Here at Angkas, we have affordable rates and we make sure that our service is reliable and secure. Thus, it gives our partner merchants an outstanding alternative to deliver their customers’ parcels in Manila right to their doorsteps.

With our ever-evolving delivery services and features, there’s no doubt that we are successfully helping many business owners in need of a trusted delivery service to level up their business while also ensuring excellent service to their customers by delivering secure parcels to them.

Are you an online seller who’s looking for a hassle-free delivery service for your loyal customers? Angkas is here and we’re ready to bridge the gap between sellers and consumers! Contact us today and become one of our merchant partners!