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Something went wrong - Passenger
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Something went wrong - Passenger

What does "Something Went Wrong" mean?

This message means there's a general issue in the app, but it's not specified.

Why am I seeing this error?

It might happen due to connectivity, server problems, or app bugs.

How can I fix this error?

  • Start by closing and reopening the app.
  • Ensure your internet connection is stable.

What if reopening the app doesn't work?

  • Try restarting your device.
  • Check if there's an app update.

Could it be a server problem?

  • Yes, server issues can cause this.
  • Wait a bit and try again.

How can I troubleshoot connectivity issues?

  • Enable mobile data in settings.
  • Check signal strength and move to a better spot.

Can clearing cache help?

  • Yes, it might work.
  • Go to app settings and clear cache.

Should I reinstall the app?

  • As a last step, uninstall and reinstall.
  • This can fix corrupted files.

What if the error persists?

  • Contact app support.
  • They can guide you through.

How can I prevent this error?

  • Keep the app updated.
  • Maintain good internet connection.

Remember, the "Something Went Wrong" issue is common and often fixable. Try these steps, and if the problem continues, app support is there to assist.