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How to Cashout
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How to Cashout

Biker Cashout Process Step Guide

Step 1: Access Your Wallet

Go to your Angkas account and locate the "Wallet" tab. This is where you can manage your wallet balance and initiate the cashout process.

Step 2: Initiate Cashout

Within the "Wallet" section, find and click on the "Cash Out" option. This will begin the cashout process.

You'll be presented with information about the available amount you can cash out.

Step 3: Choose Cashout Amount

Review the available amount for cashing out.

Select the amount you want to cash out from your wallet balance.

Step 4: Confirm Cashout

After choosing the cashout amount, click on the "Cash Out" button.

Keep in mind that you won't be able to cash out the entire amount. A minimum balance of 100 

pesos needs to be maintained in your wallet.

Step 5: Cashout Completion

The cashout amount you selected will be automatically sent to the Gcash account registered to your Angkas account.

For additional assistance or inquiries, please reach out to our customer support team.