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What is the Daily Incentive program
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What is the Daily Incentive program

Daily Incentives

1. What is the Daily Incentive program?

The Daily Incentive program is designed to provide bikers with additional daily income. This program operates during specific time periods, including the AM peak, mid-peak, PM peak, and midnight peak.

2. Who can participate in the Daily Incentive program?

Any biker can participate in the Daily Incentive program by filling out the opt-in form for the target incentives. To be eligible, bikers must opt-in through this form.

3. How are the incentive metrics communicated to bikers?

Bikers will receive the incentive metrics through SMS. The SMS will provide the necessary details about the criteria and targets for earning incentives during each time period.

4. Are all bikers eligible for the incentives automatically?

No, only bikers who fill out the opt-in form are eligible for the Daily Incentive program. Opting in is a necessary step to participate and potentially earn additional income.

5. How is the opt-in SMS determined for bikers in different tiers?

The opt-in SMS for bikers is determined based on the tier they belong to. This tier is calculated from the biker's previous completed rides. The tier system likely ranks bikers based on their historical performance.

6. Is there a separate incentive for inactive bikers?

Yes, there is a separate incentive for inactive bikers. This might encourage those who have been less active to participate and start completing more rides.

7. What should I do if I didn't receive an opt-in incentive SMS?

If you did not receive an opt-in incentive SMS, you can seek assistance from our support team in Angkas Barkada MNL. They will be able to provide guidance and resolve any issues you might be facing with the program.

For further inquiries or clarifications, feel free to reach out to our support team or refer to the provided resources for more information about the Daily Incentive program.