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General Provision
  1. The following terms govern your use of the ANGKAS Service, including the ANGKAS mobile application. This is that all drivers have a clear understanding of the legal compliance, safety, security and service standards expected of them.
  2. Nothing in this Terms of Use may be interpreted to limit the steps, actions or remedies available to us with respect to any prohibited activity, including prosecuting you to the full extent of the law. Should we not or fail to act on a prohibited activity, such does not mean we consent to it or that we waived our right to enforce the terms here at our sole discretion
  3. We will investigate possible occurrences of such prohibited activities, and we may involve and cooperate with law enforcement authorities in prosecuting anyone involved with such activities.
  4. If we find any reason to believe that you failed to fulfill the above undertaking, we will suspend the processing of any transaction you might have with us, immediately withhold any incurred incentives or other benefits, and restrict your entry into company premises
  5. For any of the applicable violations below, the listed sanctions are to be treated only as general guidelines. The Angkas team reserves the right to increase or decrease the severity of the listed punishments on a case-to-case basis and the decision is final
  6. For each violation, we will reduce the applicable incentives and/or deactivate your use of the Service, including your account, according to the schedules indicated. Since we alone provide and finance the incentives and benefits for ANGKAS, we have sole and full discretion over the grant, release, reduction, or forfeiture of any ANGKAS incentive or benefit. We reserve the right to inform our personnel, visitors, and the public of the deactivation of your use of the ANGKAS Service and account. The following rules shall also apply if you have been identified as engaged in gaming, fraudulent schemes, or major violations.
  7. Your biker account shall be temporary or permanently deactivated based on the Code in this Terms of Use. Any branded items like the Helmet, Vest, ID and Shield should be surrendered to Angkas during deactivation or suspension of your account.
  8. You shall not hold us liable for any withholding of, delay, reduction or forfeiture of any payment of incentives or grant of benefits to you, as well as, the deactivation of your use of the ANGKAS Service or your account.
  9. You shall comply with all traffic laws, regulations, rules, policies and guidelines as well as this Code and any further guidelines that may be issued by ANGKAS from time to time.
  10. You shall be liable to pay all fine/s which resulted from your violation. You will also be temporarily suspended until you have proof of having paid the penalty for your apprehension.
  11. You are prohibited from taking part in any illegal demonstrations against the Company, being a member of an unregistered association, incite other drivers not to use the ANGKAS application, boycott or threaten to boycott the ANGKAS application or any other acts that may be construed to be against the interest of ANGKAS
  12. You agree not to be involved in any activity that may impair or degrade the reputation of the Company and/or causes disruption to the Company’s operation or conspire with other drivers or any third party with the intention to commit the aforesaid acts
  13. You shall not be involved in any groups or organizations that provides the same motorcycle taxi backriding service like Angkas
  14. You are prohibited from having or keeping weapons of any kind or description in your vehicle or on your person for any reason whatsoever.
  15. Relay emergency information to ANGKAS promptly.
  16. If at any time you feel that you are faced with a situation that requires immediate emergency attention, please call the emergency service number in your area. Once all parties are safe and the situation has been handled by the authorities, please then notify ANGKAS. We will assist and take appropriate action as needed, including cooperating with law enforcement
  17. Biker should inform us if (1) they have been convicted in court of law, and/or (2) is awaiting for court proceedings, (3) has any medical conditions that would affect their duty, (4) Involvement in any accident. Failure to do so will be treated as breach of the Angkas Terms of Use. The same can be applied for co-bikers/group heads who is familiar with the situation and has purposely concealed the information in favor of biker.
  18. You are required to attend the training sessions that are arranged by the ANGKAS or its agents unless you you an emergency or due to other unavoidable reasons. In such situations, replacement sessions may be arranged at a later date.
  19. Angkas holds the right to increase penalty severity based on a bikers habitual misconduct and violations, this despite committing lesser misconduct on their latest violations due to their multiple offenses on our Bikers Terms of Use.
  20. You shall comply and agree with the Government mandate about COVID-19 vaccination under the IATF Resolution No. 148-B to enable Passenger service.
  21. You shall comply and agree with the existing operational guidelines of the Government on Motorcycle Taxis, under NTF COVID-19 Memorandum Circular No. 3 s.2020.
  22. Should there be taxes, if any as applicable to bikers, should be accounted to bikers. Angkas does not assume any responsibility related to this matter